To focus on Resource Augmentation Services for Aerospace, Enterprise, Telecom, Energy & Utilities and BFSI Verticals

Acliv Focuses towards


Aerospace Industry is well poised for growth just after the recession in FY09. Globally organizations have started spending on R&D resulting in increased budgets. Some of the key areas such as MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), FMS (Flight Management System), In-flight Entertainment Systems had taken back seat.» Read more


The challenges have increased multi fold in the enterprise sector. This has opened up new avenues for newer applications and rapid adoption of existing enterprise applications. The mid size target customer segment is also turning out to be attractive. These results in increased need for resource to develop, validate, implement & maintain large applications. » Read more


The Emerging markets will be the next growth opportunity for Telecom segment. Most telecom players in the value chain are looking to catch this wave. Handset market is again set to boom in emerging markets. The next generation technologies such as 4G again started gaining traction in the market. The new opportunities have started opening up for even mid-sized and start-up companies.» Read more

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Energy & Utilities

Energy security is one of the hottest topics in India and worldwide. The macro socio-economic factors and geo-political scenarios are playing a big role in the next wave of opportunity in this ever green field. Clean technology and green revolution is helping the utilities players to cash in on this opportunity. » Read more


Worldwide Banking and Financial services sector have started showing signs of improvement, as ever India and Emerging economies provide much needed sigh of relief for global organization as these markets provide next wave of opportunity for them. India was considered to be place where they can outsource and optimize their cost» Read more