Aerospace Industry is well poised for growth just after the recession in FY09. Globally organizations have started spending on R&D resulting in increased budgets. Some of the key areas such as MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), FMS (Flight Management System), In-flight Entertainment Systems had taken back seat. Now companies have started talking about Next Generation FMS, Integrated In-flight Entertainment Systems, even forming large teams to work on these areas. India is well poised to catch the next growth trajectory in MRO. The eco system in India especially places such as Bangalore provides the much needed elevated platform.

Acliv Engineers & Scientists are well positioned to effectively deliver resource augmentation services to the players in the Aerospace value chain. Acliv promises sharp speed in execution with high level of quality. Acliv will be able to meet the varying resource needs at multiple stages of the project execution. Customers can concentrate on their core business by off loading their burden of managing peaks and turfs in resource needs to Acliv.

Acliv key offerings related to Aerospace are

Technical Analysis

In most global R&D organizations or R&D divisions in any organization, the analysis plays a crucial role in success of the project or program they are handling or working on. Scientists and Engineers who are working on these programs need to take right decisions at the right time to avoid collateral damages. » Read more

Data Trending, Mining & Analysis

Any organization health could be measured & monitored using health reports such as Balance Scorecard consistently. Various mechanisms, methods are available for analysts. The processes and systems have evolved over period of time to make things robust. The tools available for analysts have significantly improved with innovation » Read more

Architecture & System Design Services

Globally System designing and Architecture design services recognized to be one of tough task to undertake. Aerospace & Automotive systems typically have multiple standards to comply with. Engineers who are designing such systems have to be subject matter experts & domain experts» Read more

Embedded Design & Development

Global Industry is turning towards India for development of large multi platform systems. Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities organizations have been turning towards Indian companies to help them optimize the cost on product development without compromising on quality» Read more

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Circuit Design Services

Circuit designing is an Art. Systems which are based high speed designs, Multi-clock systems, Multi-processor based designs are complex to design and analyze. Engineers have to be of high caliber to design complex systems.» Read more

V & V (Verification & Validation)

Verification & Validation is one of the key activities under any product development. V&V occupies a significant place as they measure the success of any program. World over most program directors & managers have started significant time, effort and money on V&V as it defines the criteria for success» Read more

Application Development Services

Typically packaged and off the shelf software packages may not solve the varying enterprise needs and problems. Customers business & technology requirements are quite dynamic. That’s one of the primary reasons for the birth of custom application development» Read more

Testing Services

Acliv Engineers & Managers are well positioned to define proper test strategy based on the nature of the project, define, implement and improve the test process, automate the majority of the testing to reduce errors. Acliv Services include. » Read more