Worldwide Banking and Financial services sector have started showing signs of improvement, as ever India and Emerging economies provide much needed sigh of relief for global organization as these markets provide next wave of opportunity for them. India was considered to be place where they can outsource and optimize their cost. Now India is proving to be a door to enter the emerging economies. Analysts have started saying if companies can compete and succeed in Indian market, they can survive and succeed in any market as well take their business model in India and apply to emerging economies. Most of the global players have Joint Ventures (JV) or through their sister companies have entered the Indian Banking and Insurance Sector. Even then BFSI players have been cautious in approach towards their cost and growth. Most organization has been thinking many times before adding cost. They are looking at their vendors to come out newer business models so they can reduce their CAPEX. Most companies are moving towards the OPEX model so that they can wait till their growth trajectory is clearly seen. These factors are affecting the Indian and global software companies to grow in this sector. Global and Indian service provider for BFSI markets have been thinking before adding resources, Acliv Resource Augmentation services can solve these issues.

Acliv offers Resource Augmentation Services where in customers can outsource their unplanned and unforeseen resourcing needs. We promise to take care of your fast dynamically changing resource needs. Acliv helps BFSI customers to come back to growth path and path of making profits. We advise customers to outsource the peaks and turfs to us so that they can focus on key resources and their core business. As promised in our brand promise we offer work like an extended arm of customer by maintaining high amount of integrity and by achieving high level of quality. We maintain supreme level of transparency in our actions so that customers need not worry about security & confidentiality.

Acliv key offerings in BFSI segment are


As organizations start concentrating towards improving efficiency and measuring effectiveness, they have to move towards efficient collection of data and through analysis. Organizations improve their margins by doing in-depth analysis to find out the changes needed in processes, systems or/and operations » Read more

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IT Services

In a globalized world large companies face challenges of optimizing cost with various delivery centers and mechanisms, aligning IT with their strategic business initiatives, IT may not be their core business & expertise, reduced flexibility resulting slower adoptability, remaining competitive despite of their size & develop new initiatives to align organization strategic thinking, achieving optimal speed considering their nature of business.» Read more

Support Services

One of the ever green areas is support services; it is probably one with highest challenges as well. Customers continuously demand for reduction in prices with improved service levels. There is huge pressure on margins, companies who provide services in this segment need to continuously keep learning and improving from their past and adopt & develop processes to sustain their business.» Read more