The Emerging markets will be the next growth opportunity for Telecom segment. Most telecom players in the value chain are looking to catch this wave. Handset market is again set to boom in emerging markets. The next generation technologies such as 4G again started gaining traction in the market. The new opportunities have started opening up for even mid-sized and start-up companies. In some parts of the world consolidation in the service provider segment has happened, some of the emerging economies offer very good opportunity for consolidation. Markets like India have seen fierce completion with reducing ARPU and huge pressure on cost and margins. Consolidation of Telecom tower business has provided much needed respite for the service providers. Service providers and most telecom players are looking for growth opportunities. Improvements in ARPU may happen from Data and value added services. The Innovation is bound to happen in value added services. The innovation is bound to happen in Smart Phone segment, Mobile based Value added service applications, Location based services, Service delivery platforms, next generation networks, next generation wireless technologies, etc.,. Another big opportunity which is showing growth potential is rapid adoption of wireless to maintain and monitor all assets in enterprises, cities, highways.       

Acliv is well positioned to help telecom companies innovate. Acliv provides world’s best R&D resources to help customers innovate. Along with this Acliv also brings in its ability to maintain and sustain Telecom, IT Networks, Application and Engineering frameworks. Acliv offers cost effective services so that Telecom value chain players can improve their margins. Acliv resource augmentation services enable customers to reduce their burden on their internal delivery engine.    

Acliv key offerings for Telecom are

Architecture & System Design Services

Globally System designing and Architecture design services recognized to be one of tough task to undertake. Aerospace & Automotive systems typically have multiple standards to comply with. Engineers who are designing such systems have to be subject matter experts & domain experts» Read more

Handset Design Services

Globally Handset market is started showing signs of growth as market for smart phones pickup. Newer players entering the market by having OEM tie up. India and Emerging markets are probably one of the largest markets today for most key players. » Read more

Embedded Design & Development

Global Industry is turning towards India for development of large multi platform systems. Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities organizations have been turning towards Indian companies to help them optimize the cost on product development without compromising on quality» Read more

Circuit Design Services

Circuit designing is an Art. Systems which are based high speed designs, Multi-clock systems, Multi-processor based designs are complex to design and analyze. Engineers have to be of high caliber to design complex systems.» Read more

Application Development Services

Typically packaged and off the shelf software packages may not solve the varying enterprise needs and problems. Customers business & technology requirements are quite dynamic. That’s one of the primary reasons for the birth of custom application development» Read more

Testing Services

Acliv Engineers & Managers are well positioned to define proper test strategy based on the nature of the project, define, implement and improve the test process, automate the majority of the testing to reduce errors. Acliv Services include. » Read more


As Telecom industry is moving towards consolidation & ARPUs are dropping quickly, network operations & billing are becoming even more important as service providers look to maximize  revenue and prevent billing loss. As competition intensifies, service providers look to introduce newer plans to attract different age group consumers with different type of plans.» Read more

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Network Engineering & Field Support Services

As consolidation of Telecom Tower business is happening, there is bigger thrust for field support & field engineering services. Service Providers & Tower operating companies look to reduce cost of implementation, operations and maintenance » Read more

Resource Augumentation

Globally one of the major problems Organizations face is meeting varying resourcing needs with unpredictable peaks and turfs. Global organizations have evolved mechanisms where-in they work with partners/vendors to take care of these challenges.» Read more