Control & DCS Services

Control systems key role in any huge plants, huge manufacturing fields, steel & mining fields, oil & gas fields and plants. Intense competition forces customer to innovate on a continuous basis as well keep improving their operational efficiency, higher marketing spends due to larger players are competition in the above mentioned fields. Managing assets which lie in various parts of an enterprise becomes a big challenge, Communication & synchronizing their operations in another big issue. Distributed and Continuous process plants pose different challenges.      

Acliv Services

Acliv Engineers & Experts offer cost effective, agile development of customized Controls system & DCS solutions. Our Experts offer best in class development of plat wide information management & control system and advanced process automation solutions.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv promises to demonstrate higher asset utilization & better control over system and processes. Our Engineers & Experts help customer improve the overall lifecycle of systems and equipments. We help customers monitor the real time live data so that they can take informed decisions. Acliv helps customers with concept to maintenance & support. Our Experts advise customers on how to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & enhance the return on investment.