IT Services

In a globalized world large companies face challenges of optimizing cost with various delivery centers and mechanisms, aligning IT with their strategic business initiatives, IT may not be their core business & expertise, reduced flexibility resulting slower adoptability, remaining competitive despite of their size & develop new initiatives to align organization strategic thinking, achieving optimal speed considering their nature of business.     

Acliv Services

Acliv delivers Best In Class delivery coupled with certainty in execution across all customer IT needs. Acliv offers Custom Application Development, Migration & Re-engineering, System Integration, Testing, Web Development, Infrastructure Management (Remote as well Onsite),  Sustenance & Maintenance, Data Center & Enterprise Services & ERP/CRM Services. Click the below links for browse through respective offerings.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv helps customers achieve maximum flexibility, speed & efficiency by providing cost effective resource augmentation services. We help customers achieve their strategic IT objectives by increasing their productivity with faster time to market.

Acliv is well positioned to meet varying customer demand, higher service levels under huge cost pressure, adoption of global standards, rigorously implementing on a day to day basis. Acliv promises to take care of the peaks and turfs to customers so that they can focus on their core business & retain their key resources.

Acliv key offerings are

Application Development Services

Typically packaged and off the shelf software packages may not solve the varying enterprise needs and problems. Customers business & technology requirements are quite dynamic. That’s one of the primary reasons for the birth of custom application development» Read more

Testing Services

Globally most large projects or programs realize that testing is a significant activity during the execution. Program directors and program managers have started spending their 30% - 40% of their bandwidth on Testing and significant part of the budget on Testing and their relevant tools, frameworks. » Read more

System Integration

Systems in IT environment will evolve over a period of time, and at some point it might reach a stage, where there would be multiple systems which does not correlate or integrate with each other.  Customers across the world face the challenge of integrating systems without major business impact. » Read more

Web Development

Internet has revolutionized the entire world. Distance has become much shorter with Internet. Globally people are able to access data from anywhere. Web enabled services have made it even easier the way people communicate to each other.» Read more

Software as a Services

Software as a Service is clearly the next big wave in the Software Field. Large manufacturing enterprises and large corporations have already started experimenting with SasS as one of their execution & delivery platforms. Customers need to aware of the technical and commercial feasibility to before implementing SaaS model» Read more

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Cloud computing

Cloud Connected Enterprise IT environment is fast becoming reality, cloud computing offers massive savings on IT infrastructure, it is also scalable which is dynamically changing the economics of IT and having a positive impact on IT budgets in large & mid-sized organizations. As cloud computing is becoming reality, managing & securing such an environment are major challenges today. » Read more

Sustenance & Maintenanace

Most organization succeed while developing complex projects or products but they fail miserably during the sustenance and support phase as would have planned wrongly or under resourced or most successful teams think support and sustenance tasks are of under value for them » Read more

Enterprise Services & ERP/CRM Services

In Today’s world, Enterprises have assets everywhere, for example assets could be fixed assets or movable assets, human capital assets, customer interface related assets, stocks, facilities, etc.,. Organizations struggle to optimize the resources available » Read more

Data Center Technology Services

Datacenters are the heart of any IT environment, yet most of the times the lesser priority/ focus is given. It is a very common sight, where the network or server connections are not properly documented or traceable.» Read more