Software as a Services

Software as a Service is clearly the next big wave in the Software Field. Large manufacturing enterprises and large corporations have already started experimenting with SasS as one of their execution & delivery platforms. Customers need to aware of the technical and commercial feasibility to before implementing SaaS model.     

Acliv Services

Acliv Engineers & Experts offer Software as a Service along with very flexible business model. We help customers choose the right base platform, the right positioning in the market, architect & design, develop and build scalable SaaS platform. Our Services include

  • Service & IT Asset Management
  • Cloud Services Automation (Dynamically)
  • Service Assurance & QoS
  • Security Management

Acliv Advantage

Acliv helps customer to build differentiation in their product line, expand the market size and end customer base. We enable to customers to build newer business lines and sustain the profitability. Acliv helps customers achieve maximum flexibility, speed & efficiency by providing cost effective resource augmentation services.