R&D Services

Global markets have once again started showing signs of improvement. Many analysts are saying the worst of recession is over. Globally manufacturing, Telecom service providers, handset vendors, financial services, automotive, banking, industries, Tower companies, Oil & gas, energy companies, public utilities, government bodies and corporations, railways, airlines have started creating R&D budget. R&D outsourcing to India has again started seeing growth. Indian services companies and global organization that target the R&D pie need to be more innovative and need to come out newer business model. There is a greater need for partnering among the players. Global organizations need to elevate the vendors to partners’ status so that they can ask the partners to take risk. Resourcing is one of the key challenges faced by many R&D companies. Most service providers are unable to predict exactly the resourcing peaks and turfs.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv offers resource augmentation services where-in R&D services and solution companies can outsource their dynamically varying peaks and turfs of resourcing needs. Acliv promises to manage the peaks & turfs very efficiently by working as an extended arm of customer and also providing high quality of service at sharp speed. Visit Acliv Brand Promise for our promise to customers.

Acliv R&D Services offerings are

Architecture & System Design Services

Globally System designing and Architecture design services recognized to be one of tough task to undertake. Aerospace & Automotive systems typically have multiple standards to comply with. Engineers who are designing such systems have to be subject matter experts & domain experts» Read more

Core Network Design Services

As network equipment industry goes through period of consolidation, Industry has opened opportunities for new entrants and some of the solution players like enterprise players to enter the equipment business as the more and more elements become common in the network. As the battle is fierce and many organization are battling for survival. » Read more

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Handset Design Services

Globally Handset market is started showing signs of growth as market for smart phones pickup. Newer players entering the market by having OEM tie up. India and Emerging markets are probably one of the largest markets today for most key players. » Read more

Wireless R&D Services

Wireless designs and RF Circuit designing & implementing is like working on an Art. Complex wireless systems, advancing technologies, fast changing standards, large number of certifications & testing to adhere to makes it tougher for the companies to adapt to.» Read more

Embedded Design & Development

Global Industry is turning towards India for development of large multi platform systems. Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities organizations have been turning towards Indian companies to help them optimize the cost on product development without compromising on quality» Read more

Circuit Design Services

Circuit designing is an Art. Systems which are based high speed designs, Multi-clock systems, Multi-processor based designs are complex to design and analyze. Engineers have to be of high caliber to design complex systems.» Read more

Semiconductor Design Services

Globally Semiconductor markets have started growing after long recession. Demand has started moving towards North again. Globally consolidation period is probably over for the Semiconductor space. This brings-in opportunities for newer entrants and existing players as well» Read more

V & V (Verification & Validation)

Verification & Validation is one of the key activities under any product development. V&V occupies a significant place as they measure the success of any program. World over most program directors & managers have started significant time, effort and money on V&V as it defines the criteria for success» Read more