Architecture & System Design Services

Globally System designing and Architecture design services recognized to be one of tough task to undertake. Aerospace & Automotive systems typically have multiple standards to comply with. Engineers who are designing such systems have to be subject matter experts & domain experts. Industrial & Utilities systems have to accommodate stringent environmental requirements. Consumer systems have varied consumer user experience expectations. In today’s world it is tough for the engineers to be equipped in multiple domains. 
Acliv Services

Acliv Engineers provide complex architecture & design services which also include upgrading and maintain legacy systems. Acliv offers design services in all areas which it focuses on; please refer Industries Served for more details on its domain expertise. We also handle complex RF & Wireless system design services where-in our customers gain by our in-depth experience. Acliv Engineers promises to optimize the BOM cost without compromising the quality.

Acliv promises that it offers to work like an extended arm of customer by maintaining high amount of integrity and by achieving high level of quality. We maintain supreme level of transparency in our actions so that customers need not worry about security & confidentiality of data or information.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv offers Best In Class Engineers & Managers who are well versed multiple domain and posses multiple subject matter expertise. Acliv offers sharp speed in our execution with high quality in delivery.