V & V (Verification & Validation)

Verification & Validation is one of the key activities under any product development. V&V occupies a significant place as they measure the success of any program. World over most program directors & managers have started significant time, effort and money on V&V as it defines the criteria for success. Generally large teams are formed for V&V activities. This brings-in common challenge of varying resourcing needs.

Acliv Services

Acliv Engineers are well positioned to meet varying customer demand, higher service levels under huge cost pressure, adoption of global standards, rigorously implementing on a day to day basis. Acliv Engineers brings-in global practices and industry best practices ensure customer success. Acliv Engineers ensure adoption of cost effective industry standard tools and practices so that most issues & bugs are caught at early stages of the project & program.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv promises customer the first pass success. Acliv Engineers & Managers are well versed with multiple domains and posses subject matter expertise. Acliv offers sharp speed in our execution with high quality in delivery. We ensure huge savings for customers by making sure all issues are caught at early stages of project.