Wireless R&D Services

Wireless designs and RF Circuit designing & implementing is like working on an Art. Complex wireless systems, advancing technologies, fast changing standards, large number of certifications & testing to adhere to makes it tougher for the companies to adapt to. Companies find it very tough to optimize the budgets being spent. As resourcing budgets is probably second largest budget in any R&D expenses of a company. Globally Managements have started spending time to optimize the resources and cost. Under these constraints new opportunities open for vendors who provide services under this segment to move up the value chain to become partner of choice by helping customer optimize the cost without compromising the quality.

Acliv Services

Acliv Wireless R&D Services offers flexibility in terms of business model for the customers. Acliv helps customer optimize the cost spent on wireless R&D by working like an extended arm of customer by maintaining high amount of integrity and by achieving high level of quality. We maintain supreme level of transparency in our actions so that customers need not worry about security & confidentiality of data or information.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv offers Best In Class Engineers & Managers who are well versed multiple domain and posses multiple subject matter expertise. Acliv offers sharp speed in our execution with high quality in delivery.

Acliv is well positioned to meet varying customer demand, higher service levels under huge cost pressure, adoption of global standards, rigorously implementing on a day to day basis. Acliv promises to take care of the peaks and turfs so that customers can focus on their core business & retain their key resources.