End user Support Services

In today’s world of increasing and complex IT environment, End user services plays important role in ensuring availability of end user devices with low turnaround time and highest degree of quality. Conventionally customers had their own IT teams supporting end user devices like Desktop, laptops, server, data centers, printers, etc.,. With growing complexities of IT infrastructure and increasing cost pressures, customers have to spend more time & energy towards this noncore activity.  Significant part of the Customers management bandwidth is spent in such routine / operational activities on daily basis.

Acliv Services
Acliv provides end to end services in this segment, delivering operations based on industry best practices such as ITIL.  Acliv analyzes, defines and implements solutions & services to provide customized services and manage the end user services seamlessly thus improving end user experience.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv has in-depth understanding of IT infrastructure services and has over 15 years of IT management experience.  The expert council & consultants will take through the critical phases of analysis, design and implementation and also monitors /reviews and audits. Acliv provides the flexibility of onsite support at offsite cost, powered by best practices and processes.